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D[a]² Events at IBC '23

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It's been four months since many of us met at the Mike Tyson mansion during NAB to discuss the tech supercycle and its impact on the media business. 

We had just published our Web 3.0 Primer for Family Offices which outlines our view of information technology supercycles; you can download that paper here.

At that five-course dinner, we shared data showing the massive economic impact of Web2 on M&E. While the 2010s aggregate market cap of Hollywood remained relatively static on an inflation-adjusted basis, the market caps of the MaNaMa complex* (which deployed premium content to power social, mobile and streaming service during the same period) increased 11x in 11 years. 

This movement also helped build the "tech safety trade" that's self-evident on Wall Street today, but did not exist prior to Web2.

In May at HITS, we shared insights as to why Web3 is the best (perhaps only) immediate growth opportunity for M&E; the deck of that talk is here.  Next month, we’ll gather at IBC to share additional data and real-world examples of how the next tech supercycle is creating generational revenue opportunities for M&E. 

As part of that effort. we have two VIP events in Amsterdam during the IBC show:

  • Friday, Sept 15, 4:30-8:00 at Capital Kitchen, near the RAI, for cocktails, snacks, and great conversation. To RSVP for the cocktail party, please click here.
  • Sunday Sept 17, 6-9 PM: We'll host a VIP dinner at De Compagnon in Central Amsterdam. To RSVP for the dinner, please click here.

The RSVP list for both events will close on Monday, Sept 11. 

The biggest opportunities often present themselves during periods of crisis. Join us as we meet to share ideas for the next leg up.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam.

Seth Shapiro

Guy Finley

Marcie Jastrow

Michael Terpin

Enzo Villani

* Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet, Meta, Amazon